hair inspiration sites?
I got a new computer and lost all my links. can you guys help me out with all your favorite websites, tumblers, lj's etc that have pictures of hair cuts, styles, colors? I am in the midst of being bored with my hair and think im gonna chop it all off into a pixie/mohawk and dye it jet black. Need pictures of cuts like that :)

Thanks for any help ladies and gents <3

Gettin There

Just wanted to update you guys on my progress! My hair is still pink, and is definitely growing :). I just re bleached my roots and redid the pink 2 days ago. Even my hair stylist is impressed with how much its growing now. I would like to thank the following products.

A/G fast food
Joico Conditioner
Henna N Placenta with olive oil packets
Redken Anti Snap

The back is longer obviously then the front but I just wanted to let you guys know that you can still bleach, dye and flat iron your hair and have it grow.




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eyes are a mix of mulch and soft brown on top of quite natural paint pot.

lips are pure toxic tale

cheeks are briar rose and bite of an apple.

how ready am I for fall? love it.

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hi :)
new here, just checkin things out :)


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